New Diary Entry!

Hey guys!

So my last diary entry says that I want to post on it a lot. That was in 2014. So… fail. Haha. Let’s try this again! Since my last post I have done a LOT of stuff. Gold records. CCMA Awards. SCMA Awards. Lip gloss lines. Tours. Juno Nominations. Adopted a puppy. Did I miss anything? No? Okay, cool.

Well I’ll keep this short because I just spend like 2 hours typing out my own lyrics from the past 2 records trying to update this site for everyone! (Too maybe people thought the lyrics to “Kiss Me Quiet” were “so I’ll sing along, yeah sing along, sing it for Ryan”… that is incorrect.)

I’m laying in bed right now attempting not to type the Will Ferrell quotes I’m laughing pretty hard at on TV right now. And thinking about how thankful I am for each and every one of you. I did a twitter chat for a couple of minutes today (follow me! @jessmoskaluke, I’ll do more chats!) and had an absolute blast. It still amazes me that you guys want to talk to me.. a total stranger! Blows me mind.

Take Me Home is still on the charts, and we recently got added both at CMT Canada and America… my first video to hit the homes of Americans. Pretty cool! Let me know what you guys think of that video. It was a raw, emotional, nostalgic experience for me. I’d love to hear if/how you guys can relate to that song. Post on my FB page! I’m pretty good at getting back to you guys.

On the non-music front, I just adopted a dog about a month ago now from a rescue shelter in Winnipeg called Spirit of Hope. Her name is Nala, she’s 6 months old, and a Jack Russell Terrier crossed with a Black Lab. So…. a random mixture, haha. But I love her to pieces and she’s a spoiled little mutt. I’m a huge advocate for adopting dogs (young or older). There are just way too many dogs out there waiting in shelters their whole lives for a forever home that it doesn’t make sense to me to have someone breed a particular kind for you. So… I guess.. go out there and get yourself some dogs!! Haha. IIf you have the time, you guys should check out this app called Res-Q Walk. It tracks the distance you walk (or run, or bike, or snow shoe, etc) and the further you walk, the more money and supplies are donated to your rescue of choice. So Nala and I have been running a couple kms every morning (Saskatchewan weather permitting) in support of Spirit of Hope. How cool is that? It’s totally free. All you gotta do is get up off your butt! Which is harder to do some days that others, don’t worry, I know. Anyway, i’d encourage you guys to help out your local shelter next time you go for a walk… if you don’t have a shelter to support, go ahead and support mine! 🙂

Anyway. Speaking of dogs, Nala gets fixed first thing in the morning. Gulp. Feeling the guilt. Haha, I better head to bed so I can give her the appropriate pre-op snuggles.

Thanks for listening to my half-asleep, possibly incoherent blabbering about dogs! Haha. Love you guys.


xoxo jess.

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  1. Jack May 11, 2016 at 6:30 pm #

    I always thought it was “sing a pariah”? lol, my bad.

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